Day Spa

Day Spa

Hanover Your Pet Day Spa provides flea baths, medicated baths, and going-home baths. Full grooming includes nail trimming, trimming hair between the pads, cleaning ears and the haircut and scissoring.

We only use premium shampoos, conditioners and coat dressings as needed. Hand scissoring, trimming, and fluff drying are included. Pets are scissored and trimmed according to breed specifications or owner’s request.

A note about grooming charges: We are not able to provide exact quotes over the telephone due to the wide variations in size and coats of pets, even within the same breeds. We will give you a close estimate after we’ve met your pet.

A final cost for the completed grooming is based on how much time is required. Some animals require flea treatments, medicated baths, de-matting, hand scissoring or special handling due to age or temperament and can only be determined during the grooming.

Hanover Your Pet can use the deluxe power bather by Hydro Surge, Inc.This unique system produces a combing action flow of shampoo and water through a hand held massage sprayer.

The gentle bathing solution penetrates the coat for a thorough cleaning and relaxing massage.

Invigorating jet action removes loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris.

Pets love the massage-like treatment. Regularly scheduled Hydro Surge Therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems. You’ll notice the difference!

Our Day Spa provides quality grooming at reasonable prices. We specialize in hand scissoring and only use premium shampoo products. We don’t take shortcuts in pampering your pet!

Print an application and have it filled out when you arrive to save time!

Full Grooming and Baths price varies – please inquire.